Grab Bars

Our Grab Bars

We install Moen brand grab bars, starting at 12 inch bars and going up from there. These grab bars can handle 200-400 lbs. of downward force, so long as you're not using them for acrobatics. Maintenance is relatively low on grab bars, as our grab bars do not rust, but you do want to keep them clean to avoid buildup of soap scum. While our grab bars are slip-resistant, a buildup of soap scum could still make them slippery.

Our Service

We offer grab bar installations just about anywhere in your home. After calling us to set up an appointment, our grab bar installer will come out to your home to assess and install your grab bars. Our installer always brings a variety of grab bars with him to ensure he has the right ones for you. Both assessment and installation are typically done on the same day. Our installer will also educate you on proper use and maintenance of your new grab bars while he is there. We strive to provide fast, efficient, and friendly service.


The initial installation cost is $100. This covers one or two grab bars. Each grab bar installed after the second one is an additional installation fee of $50 per bar. An additional travel charge may be incurred depending on location. The price of the grab bars themselves vary, but most of the ones we install are typically between $35 and $65, depending on the length of the bars and any additional features. Some bars can be more the $65, but they tend to be longer and with more features, such as a self.

Installation Process

Installation of any grab bars requires drilling holes into the wall to mount the grab bars. The installation time typically takes between 30 minutes and one hour. The material of the wall(s) to which the grab bars are being mounted can make a difference in the amount of time it will take to install the grab bars. Drilling through drywall, fiberglass, or ceramic tile will typically be faster than through stone or concrete tile.

Grab bars can be mounted in a variety of ways, but typically we want to mount them to studs. If mounting them to studs is not possible, we can also mount them with plastic anchors (tile only), snap toggles, or the Moen secure wall mount.

After your grab bars are installed you should not use them for 6-8 hours.